The Stories Behind

Here you can read more about the meaning of the artworks and the stories behind some of the recent paintings.


“Black and White or White and Black?” For a new Creative platform and project called Human Creativity, I was interviewed about my Black and White Works, my studies abroad and why “I make what I make”. I explained that in fact much of these series, are a personal expressions about femininity, self-confidence, sexuality and racialContinue reading “2019”

Work by Night

“By Night” Sometimes we have an image in our head for a long time – one that needs to get out, one that waits until the right moment to hit the paper (or wood in this case). This purple and blue acrylic work, which was made on thin wood, is one of such. For aContinue reading “Work by Night”

First Canvas of 2019

“The Machine” The beating machine of the body, always moving and working until the day we die. In all cultures and across time, the heart stood symbol of the most intense sensations of all our emotions. It keeps working, sometimes mechanically, through though times and hardships, like heartbreaks or loss. It is our mechanism forContinue reading “First Canvas of 2019”


To be like water My newest work created in the summer of 2018, is a canvas on feminism, water, gender and sexuality. Read here my explanation on the symbolism behind the work. I was inspired by the strength, resilience and also softness & healing aspects of water. Life really is like a river and theContinue reading “LATEST WORK”


Homo Duplex: explanation and future requests for work This painting has the theme ‘love’ and is painted in contrasting, abstracted forms.The colours are inspired by the warm and colourful nature of Africa, painted in request for a couple with a residency in Uganda.   What makes a person’s life so special is our ability not onlyContinue reading “PERSONALISED WORKS”


A series inspired by the body The body is beautiful, not only from the outside. The organs that keep us going, also have a profound, natural beauty in them, they work hard for us without even consciously knowing they do the whole day and night through. It goes without mention that organs also hold symbolismContinue reading “ORGAN SERIES”


Costa Rica Beginning of this year, 2018, I moved to Costa Rica to pursue my masters in International Law and Human Rights, at the UN Mandated University for Peace. After I graduated in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges in The Hague, I worked for two years in Amsterdam as first Communications director and laterContinue reading “STUDIES”


Minimalist art and colourless series, on hard paper The black and white series are hard black paper series, as well as hard white paper series, of artistic impressions of female and male bodies. Themes portrayed in these series are about the self, solitude and togetherness. The works are inevitably about the duality of our mindsContinue reading “BLACK AND WHITE WORKS”


From the Ardèche to Jimmy Nelson’s Office The stones I paint, come from riversides in France. Behind the making of each stone, there is an internal mantra, a music that accompanies the colour and shapes on the stone. The stones symbolise the path to the river stream of thought we all have, carrying the creativityContinue reading “RIVER STONES”


The Lungs The lungs are part of an ongoing ‘Organ series’, of which among others also the Heart was made. The colour and organ attempt to leave a certain feeling or impression with the viewer, that tackles challenges of the human mind – problems we sometimes seem to feel in our physical body (like theContinue reading “SYMBOLISM IN THE PIECES”


Making Art I am a young artist and student in International law and human rights, from the Netherlands. I am passionate about politically and socially engaged arts, as well as interested in the use of art within different spiritualities. From a young age onwards, I painted, drew, wrote and did fashion design. Yet in theContinue reading “ABOUT MAKING ART”

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