When we tap into the core of our self, our visualisation, our existence, our creativity, we tap into a space without limitations. Or at least, a space that has the potential to have none. This space, the place art resides before it’s born, is where I like to be with my mind the most. Is has unlimited potential. It’s dreaming. Its a space where we are not “just created beings”, but where we become the creators. We make our own reality. We make art.

Every shape, every shadow, every colour I paint, has meaning, it has a purpose in the overall work. I became to look at art, as a medium for reflection, connection,  and the potential to hold a mirror in front of you. Sometimes art can frustrate you, unease you, but also harmonise you, or even heal you. For me, art is healing. Dreaming about art, thinking about what I would like to bring into the physical, is healing too. After all, life is only temporarily, yet the things we create, go beyond, when picked up by someone else. 

© 2018 Tessel van der Putte

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