Making Art

I am a young artist and student in International law and human rights, from the Netherlands. I am passionate about politically and socially engaged arts, as well as interested in the use of art within different spiritualities. From a young age onwards, I painted, drew, wrote and did fashion design. Yet in the last couple of years, I especially produced work of acrylic canvasses based on abstract, expressive and cubistic forms. Colour, in all my work, is of great significance and symbolism to the state of mind it was created in, as well as the emotional message each individual work carries out.

Due to my educational background, my studies in Sydney and Costa Rica, I developed a special interest on Buddhist, indigenous, as well as feminist influences in my work. I participated in several socially and politically engaged art exhibitions around at Leiden University The Hague, The Netherlands, and have ever since been creating art works (for the large part) on requests.

New themes I have recently been working with in my artwork, are mental health’s relation with physical health, as well as challenging stereotypes of femininity and masculinity in the artwork. Anatomy is extremely important in these cases, even more so with abstract work, as every shapes counts even more. The expressing in shape represent not only the physical, but also the emotional or spiritual world behind the body and its movement. Therefore I started the ‘Organ series’ as well as new series on different body shapes and ‘love’.