“Black and White or White and Black?”

For a new Creative platform and project called Human Creativity, I was interviewed about my Black and White Works, my studies abroad and why “I make what I make”. I explained that in fact much of these series, are a personal expressions about femininity, self-confidence, sexuality and racial discrimination in the realm of feminism.

Here is an extract from the interview:

“We women are taught to “draw within the lines”. From a young age we are told to be soft, careful (read: “prepare your work and make a sketch first”) and prudent (read: not too sexual). I also noticed as a western woman we are so stuck in exclusive beauty standards on how women should look and what we value as the ideal (bond, blue eyes, slim?). Women of other cultures showed me this can be different. To have lived and studied abroad, made me discover the world from different perspectives; that it is OK to be less nuanced and to be open about feminist issues, racism and how colour changes our identity or world-view. I started expressing this in the ‘Black and White Works’ where I draw women with white on black and black on white. I put everything in one line and “one go” on paper, unapologetically and without doubt (“I am here”) – no sketching beforehand. They are all powerful women of different shapes, naked, that reclaim their body and sexuality. Like the lines, the women are there not apologising for it, without being careful – on a background that is both black and white.” – Tessel.

Thanks @HumanCreativity! I think these kind of platforms are a great initiative to keep the discussion behind today’s art going and to give young artists an alternative stage for their work.

If you are interested, please follow my Instagram for the latest updates and posts on the Black and White works that I am creating these summer months.

” Like the lines, the women are there not apologising for it, without being careful – on a background that is both black and white.” – Tessel
(Woman of Black and White – White and Black series) 2019©.
Working in little cafés around Rotterdam this summer, researching and writing for my thesis – and now and then making the time to make some art for the Black and White series.

© Tessel van der Putte

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