Work by Night

“By Night”

Sometimes we have an image in our head for a long time – one that needs to get out, one that waits until the right moment to hit the paper (or wood in this case). This purple and blue acrylic work, which was made on thin wood, is one of such.

For a long time, I was looking forward to making a work that symbolised the night, or those dreamy afternoons – using dark colours and abstract forms of intimacy, dreams and a sense of “being at ease”. The work also owns its name to the time-frame it was made in. The wooden acrylic work was create din one afternoon and night, while being in the garden of my familie house (filled with purple flowers and lavender). Summer night in the Netherlands pose good opportunities for drawing and painting outside.

“The work owns its name to the time it was painted in the afternoon and night, in my familie garden filled with purple flowers and lavender (2019)”.

The process of ‘By Night’ in the garden, 2019.
By Night (©Tessel van der Putte)

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