Homo Duplex: explanation and future requests for work

This painting has the theme ‘love’ and is painted in contrasting, abstracted forms.
The colours are inspired by the warm and colourful nature of Africa, painted in request for a couple with a residency in Uganda.


What makes a person’s life so special is our ability not only to stand as an individual, but even more so, the ability to form something together. The theory of Homo Duplex actually comes from scientist Durkheim, who in his theory separated humans from animals. The Homo Duplex is the special characteristic of people, where they may feel that they belong to a greater purpose or ‘something’, than only themselves.

The goal is sacred and the goal is also ‘earthly’. A larger goal may be a belief, an ideology, a similar view of the world, values and norms – but perhaps it is the most applicable to love. Homo Duplex in this painting symbolises warmth, life in the moment and with passion for everything that makes us happy; transcending together in something more beautiful and stronger than just us alone. In this painting the Homo Duplex means ‘unification’.

The canvas was painted in request and tailor-made. Currently I will be working on a smaller canvas for the organ series, a white and red new heart. I welcome any interests or requests for art; please feel free to send me a message!

© 2018 Tessel van der Putte


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