To be like water

My newest work created in the summer of 2018, is a canvas on feminism, water, gender and sexuality. Read here my explanation on the symbolism behind the work.

I was inspired by the strength, resilience and also softness & healing aspects of water. Life really is like a river and the mind’s lifetime journey its currents… Deeper currents, surface currents… Ideas change over time and go through different landscapes, transforming itself into sometimes slow, sometimes fast waters. The water always finds a way. Be inspired by water and make your own river as transparent, alive and movable as possible. In the end, moving forward and the river flow is all that matters – and what it comes across or nurtures on the way. As all rivers finally end up in the same ocean anyways.

Explanation “I Am Like Water”

Water and feminine power are central themes in this painting, which is created in contrasting, abstracted forms. The colors are inspired by water – a natural force that can be strong and deadly, but also offers healing, is soft and enables life. Water symbolises the feminine power of fertility, mobility, the possibility of transformation and the beauty of clarity. In the painting, the colors of water also symbolise the balance between the ‘masculine’ (strength, sharp forms, muscle mass, stability), and the ‘feminine’ (sensual round forms, transformation movement, focus and wisdom).

Water is also important for the green world around us, plants, flowers, trees – and can take all forms, for every situation. Water shapes itself for moving forward, is flexible and can transform itself into space and in shape (ice, water air). This is a focus that the work also attempts to bring forward. It is aspired by the female spirit: the blue colors are depicted as the rediscovery of balance, a mechanism for dealing with difficult situations, relationships and the re-occuring fight with our own thoughts.

In addition, the work also hints to a ‘liquid overflow’ of the masculine and the female physical ideal image and wants to penetrate stereotypes about the body, about self-identification, public expectation and the ‘feminine ideal’. In other words, this work is also an ode to the powerful and eternal woman who gives life, with nature and water as a great example and source of inspiration for her well-being.

“Through this canvas, I would like you invite you and explore a bit more about yourself.”

© 2018 Tessel van der Putte

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