Costa Rica

Beginning of this year, 2018, I moved to Costa Rica to pursue my masters in International Law and Human Rights, at the UN Mandated University for Peace.

After I graduated in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges in The Hague, I worked for two years in Amsterdam as first Communications director and later as the Policy Director of the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. Yet studying at the UN University for Peace had always been a dream of me: “the child” of the United Nations, a place where students from all around the world would come together in shared passions, interests and goals. Now having moved here, it does really feel like the inspiring environment I thought it to be. What is more, is that people around me are incredible creative and ambitious, inciting me to work more on my art, even here during my studies in Costa Rica.

Work and research done before:

At the end of my high school years, I wrote a book on Tibetan culture and politics, for which I did a one year research, several interviews with Tibetan refugees in the Netherlands, Chinese writers and artists (like Ma Jian) and institutions working with Tibetan spiritual and political officials.

During my student years at the Honours University college of Leiden in the Hague, I worked on topics of indigenous politics and cultural genocide, ending up doing extensive research on indigenous cultural connection to land, and the importance of cultural identity in policy making in “property” or land right.

Currently I am studying International Law and Human Rights. Indigenous knowledge and heritage are still are still topics I would like to explore more within this field, yet I am also becoming increasingly more intrigued to explore the new challenges around environmental refugees and statehood of small island nations.

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