A series inspired by the body

The body is beautiful, not only from the outside. The organs that keep us going, also have a profound, natural beauty in them, they work hard for us without even consciously knowing they do the whole day and night through. It goes without mention that organs also hold symbolism for our mental and emotional well-being. Being intrigued by what is “inside of us” I started a series on organs and anatomy, expressed in colourful and cubist or abstracted shapes. If you have any suggestions of organs or anatomy structures to paint, feel free to drop your idea with me!

The heart is one of the recently painted organs I made, which I called ‘The machine’ (seen its context and function towards emotions, love and trauma healing). Too many people have made or seen their hearts turn into ‘machines’ – something hard and edgy, working automatically and constantly beating for it’s purpose. Yet I find there lies a dramatic beauty in its vulnerability, its cruciality and its softer parts. Hearts bleed throughout our lives – it is inevitable to their function in our bodies – and also in their function of loving, ‘opening up’ to others (‘opening the heart’) and of showing kindness, compassion and forgiveness. There are two paintings of the heart, one more in the style of cubism, the other as part of the same series of the Lungs.

© 2018 Tessel van der Putte

© 2019 Tessel van der Putte

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