From the Ardèche to Jimmy Nelson’s Office

The stones I paint, come from riversides in France. Behind the making of each stone, there is an internal mantra, a music that accompanies the colour and shapes on the stone. The stones symbolise the path to the river stream of thought we all have, carrying the creativity and inspiration of life. Some of the river stones are mani stones. this idea derives from Bon-Buddhist traditions in the Himalayas, where mantras are drawn or carved into stones, then piled up in front of holy places and temples.


“The stones bring a zen environment into our working culture.” (Jimmy Nelson)


Many of the river stones were bought by photographer Jimmy Nelson in 2017, for his employees in the office, and to create a more ‘zen’ environment. The way I see this kind of art, is an engagement between nature and human creativity: taking a bit of nature within our homes and putting a bit of our inner inspirations, thoughts and creativity, outside.


“I hope these stones bring focus, creativity and positive energy into homes and working spaces. It is art, but it is also emotionally and spiritually functional. It is like music.” (Tessel van der Putte)

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