Minimalist art and colourless series, on hard paper

The black and white series are hard black paper series, as well as hard white paper series, of artistic impressions of female and male bodies. Themes portrayed in these series are about the self, solitude and togetherness. The works are inevitably about the duality of our minds and our relations. The series also hint towards challenging our perception of identity and terminology of ‘black’ and of ‘white’. In some, minimalist kind of way, the works carry a deeper layer that would like to challenge the viewer on the way we look at one and other. Many things we see, perceive, judge about another are often merely a reflection of ourselves. Becoming aware of that, enables us to break through stereotyping and falling into patters, of creating an image of ‘the other’ in either a black or white light. After all, we are just lines and shapes constructed by the same pen: the fact we see white or black is depended on the light that shines on it.

Several works have been sold or donated, yet many of the black and white works are currently part of the archives. They come in black or white frames.

© 2018 Tessel van der Putte

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